Penny Lane, Smoke Bluffs, Squamish, Canada
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Penny Lane Saioa 1.jpg

Basque climber Saioa starts up Penny Lane

This summer in Squamish started with hot, sunny days that sent us to hide in the shady cliffs at Cheakamus, followed by days of showers that made us retreat to the sunny crags of the Smoke Bluffs.

I headed to the Penny Lane cliff with Niko from Germany,  the Basque climbers Joaquin and Saioa, and Quebec native Lucie, amidst a mish-mash of languages - some of us spoke German, others Spanish and Basque , some French - but we had no one language in common.

Penny Lane Saioa 2.jpg

Saioa near the crux of Penny Lane

I’d lead the eponymous climb, Penny Lane, a few days earlier and chose to act as team photographer while Joaquin and Saioa climbed the route.

The climb starts with a few delicate face moves off the ground - on small, smooth holds. Getting off the ground  here has always gotten my attention. Right after the tiny face holds come a few layback moves on tiny  edges and smooth friction for the feet. One more layback move gets you around the corner and onto a good foot hold.

From here, I’ve seen some climbers try to layback the following corner, or like Saioa above, use fingerlocks and toe jams. I generally stem the corner while trying to get  my fingers  into the crack when I can.

After the crux start, the remaining climb consists of great hand jams that easily make up for any struggles lower down.

Penny Lane’s a great warm up for the harder climbs  on both sides, such as Crime of the Century, to the left,  or Climb and Punishment further to the right.
Crime Century rick 1.jpg

Crime of the Century (5.11c), with Penny Lane visible at right

Ligety wins season’s 1st GS race by a huge margin
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Ted Ligety blows away competition in season’s 1st GS race
Ted Ligety won the 2012/13  first Giant Slalom World Cup race in Soelden. Manfred Moelgg and Marcel Hirscher came 2nd and 3rd. Ligety’s time of 2:36.02, beat  Moelgg by 2.75 seconds and local Hirscher by 3.12 seconds.

“I didn’t think this was possible,” Ligety said. This is an unbelievable gap, a once-in-a-career margin.”

“That’s probably a once in a career achievement,”  said Ligety,  surprised about his outstanding performance on his new skis.

The time difference between the winner and the runner-up in a World Cup GS has only been bigger six times previousl —  in the 1970s.

Park Guell, Gaudi museum again
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Museum, P.jpg

Guell museum

Museum roof.jpg

Roof detail

Park Guell Gaudi museum
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Gaudi roof.jpg

Detail of roof, Gaudi museum

gaudi roof detail 1.jpg

Detail of museum roof

Guell roof detail.jpg

Detail of roof

Gaudi, Park guell and mosaics
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On our last day in spain, we toured Park Guell and many Gaudi’s sculptures and the Gaudi museum.

Gaudi ceiling.jpg

Mosaic on ceiling in Park Guell

gaudi museum.jpg

Gaudi museum in Park Guell

Park Guell lizard
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Gaudi lizard.jpg

Lizard at entrance to the park

Park G.jpg

Sculpture in Park Guell

More Gaudi Park Guell mosaics
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bench and bridge.jpg

Gaudi mosaics on bench with bridge in back

bench inside 1.jpg

Detail of bench mosaics

bench inside 2.jpg

Another detail of bench mosaic

Gaudi’s Park Guell
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Gaudi bench 2.jpg

Mosaics on bench in Park Guell


Mosaic detail with rainspout hole

bench backside 1.jpg

Backside of bench; water goes out through wolf heads

Gaudi and Park Guell, Barcelona
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Guell bench museum.jpg

Bench at Park Guell
The bench above looks out over Park Guell, with the Gaudi Museum directly behind the bench.

Barcelona- Gaudi museum, Sagrada, Park Guell
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Guell bench T.jpg

Tristan in Gaudi’s Park Guell

We flew to Spain primarily to climb, but I thought I’d show my teenage son Barcelona’s sights, including “Park Güell“, which houses the Gaudi museum and numerous of his buildings and  sculptures. Since our plane left Barcelona in the morning, we needed to drie back from Siurana a day before our flight to return our rental car. We chose a hotel within walking distance of Park Güell for our last night in town and spent the day walking around this fantastic park.

Gaudi chair.jpg

Chair in Gaudi museum

Sagrada detail.jpg

Detail on Sagrada Familia

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