Arco, Italy - Camping Zoo
Posted by sibylle in Italy, arco (Monday July 24, 2006 at 2:49 pm)

Pfau Arco.jpg

One of the many animals roaming at “Camping Zoo”, Arco
We first stayed at the “Camping Zoo” (the name of this Italian campground) because it was cheaper than the main campground, which has the climbing wall and is somewhat fancier. However, the added attraction of a peacock that freely roamed the campground, usually around dinner time, proved irresistible for my son, and from then on we were committed guests here.

The peacock generally showed up as we were making dinner. I think we were among his favorite campers, as we always had salads. He had a  fondness for cucumber peels and after a while he’d eat them out of our hand. It’s the only campground I’ve seen with a semi-tame peacock that begs from campers!

On the downside, peacocks shriek really loudly at night and in the early morning so I wouldn’t recommend this camp to light sleepers, like my friend David Goldstein. When David and I went to Portrero Chico, I put my tent near the covered cooking area, while he put his at the farthest end of the camp right next to the fence.

Spain - Sella
Posted by sibylle in Spain (Monday July 17, 2006 at 9:07 pm)

Sella on one of many rainy days

We froze here, even though it was early May. I’ve got one of the many feral cats living on the clliff in my lap in desperate hopes of keeping warm while belaying.

Since it was Spain, with its reputaiton for hot weather, we hadn’t brought full alpine gear. Instead, I’m wearing my windbreaker over a down vest, with Tristan’s fleece tied around my head and neck.

The cats live in caves near the top of one of the easy climbs’ first pitch. They beg incessantly from all climbers, but I wonder how they survive the rest of the time?

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