Posted by sibylle in Switzerland (Tuesday May 1, 2007 at 8:46 pm)


Schwändital below the Brüggler

This spring reminds me of our climbs last summer in Switzerland — all that green grass after rain. We camped up the hill from the valley above near the the Brüggler, a pleasant limestone face with numerous easy routes (plus some harder ones)! It’s near Näfels, south of Zürich.
We met a German friend, Günther, to climb a 5 - 8 pitch route on the Brüggler. (How many pitches long depends on how many you run together)!

We camped on a small, but grassy and very soft meadow beside a Swiss mountain hut. A spring nearby provided not only water but also a type of refrigeration: we’d stick our food in the water during the day to keep it cool. The hut was open for cooking in case of rain (frequent, in Switzerland) and they allowed climbers to sleep on the floor.

The cows, each with its own bell, grazed on the meadow across the dirt road and at night we’d go to sleep to the tolling of dozens of cow bells, from small high-pitched bells to large, deep bells. We saw foxes and a type of deer. We had some of the most beautiful camping here, and enjoyed it so much that we stayed here and drove to nearby climing areas rather than move to another place.
After climbing at the Brüggler, we headed to do some sport climbing at the Gallerie. We figured that we can always climb good quality granite back in the states, but top quality limestone sport climbing seems way better in Europe.

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