Entlebucher puppy
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Ak-Su , now five weeks old, started doing more than merely eating and sleeping. The first few weeks, puppies sleep 90% of the time and eat the remaining 10%. Once their eyes open, starting at about 3 weeks, they get more active daily.

Here are some typical activities:

Ak-Su sit.jpg

Mmm — is that funny stuff that mama’s eating any good?

Ak-Su 5 wks tug of war.jpg

Tug-of war is so much fun!!

Ak-su nap.jpg

Time for another nap!

Craig Luebben memorial
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Luebben 1.jpg

John Sherman, Lynn Hill, and Tristan

Several weeks ago I wrote about Craig Lubben’s tragic accident. Since then, we went to Craig’s memorial at the American Mountaineering Center in Golden, Colorado.

I thought I’d post a few photos of some fo the folks there to pay Craig and his family their respects.

CLueb Raker, hill.jpg

Film maker Rob Raker and the beautiful Lynn Hill

I had a chance to speak with Craig’s widow, Silvia, from Italy and we shared memories of climbing in Finale Ligure.  It’s so hard to speak with the parents, children and widows of my deceased climbing partners.

The hardest time I ever had was when I had to explain to Chris Hampson’s mother how, and why, Chris had died when we climbed together in Yosemite, but I was fine. I hope I never again have to meet with one of my climbing partner’s parents to tell them that their child is dead.

clueb Rusch,suzy.jpg

It’s been a tough year, with three good friends who died in climbing accidents already. I only hope that’s it for this year, and maybe next year too.

Only one entlebucher puppy
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Ak-Su nurse 1.jpg

Ak-Su nursing


We bred our beautiful Entlebucher, Nanda Devi, in June of 2009 and the vet determined, after an x-ray that she probably had two, possibly three, puppies.


She delivered two puppies, but one didn’t make it. She jumped up as it came out and ripped the umbilical cord out of its belly and it had a hole in front and the intestines came out.  It was very upsetting for us and we were very sad to lose one of our gorgeous pups.



So we have only one surviving pup. It’s extremely cute and wiggly.


I’ve had numerous requests for a puppy, but I can’t help the many hopeful owners of Entlebucher mountain dog, since the one we have is already sold.



However, all of the NEMDA Code of Ethics approved breeders, with their contact information, are listed on the NEMDA  website.



NEMDA, National Entlebucher Mountain Dog Association, was founded in 1998 and is the parent breed club for the North American Entlebuchers.  



I bought Nanda Devi in Switzerland from Familie Berger in Riggisberg, a small Swiss farm community near Bern. I was born in Germany, and so speak fluent German, which made it easier. I met the Berger family through Christine Langenegger, head of the SKES – Welpenvermittlung, or Schweizerischen Klubs für Entlebucher Sennenhunde (Swiss Entlebucher Mountain Dog club).


Ak-Su nurse 2.jpg


 I visited the Bergers in Riggisberg while working in Switzerland on a journalism assignment, added my name to the waiting list, and got a puppy two years later. 


For would-be puppy adopters, try contacting the NEMDA breeders to ask who has puppies, or try the Swiss club. For the Swiss club, click on Aktuelles (news) and then click on Welpenvermittlung (puppies).



I hope to again breed Nanda in the next year, since I would like a puppy for myself! I’ll post when she again expects puppies, in about  6 months or a year.



 Ak-Su nurse 3.jpg




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