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Approach to the Gallerie

This definitely beat the approach to the Brüggler! We’d hop out of the car, go under the tunnel and climb the stairs so that we were on top of the road. Despite the proximity of traffic, the thick concrete kept the noise from penetrating and climbing above roaring cars remained surprisingly serene. Plus, it was nice and level so we could easily lie down and sunbathe on the rare days when we had some sun (this is in July!)

Some enterprising locals had carried up a nice wooden bench with backrests and armrests, so we could belay sitting in style if we wanted to climb the routes near the bench. Unfortunately, most of the climbs in good sitting range were somewhat above even Tristan’s abilities, never mind mine!

After climbing, we’d head to the nearby village of Näfels to watch the Tour de France at the Sportzentrum. The Sportzentrum was like a very fancy gym plus gourmet restaurant; clearly the most modern building in town and somewhat the social center. We got to watch the Tour in the restaurant on their huge TV because it played at a time that was past lunch and too early for dinner. So as long as I bought Tristan lots of Karamelköpfli (a fancy crème brulee or flan-like dessert) or his other favorite Swiss desserts (which include Pfaffenhütchen, a triangular pastry filled with nuts; Vögelnestli, and Gipfeli, a filled croissant) they were happy to allow us to sit and watch the Tour.

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  1. Beautiful green on the mountains. Gorgeous composition.

    Comment by linda covert — October 9, 2007 @ 8:19 pm

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