Cold winter- Lake Dillon freezes over
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Lk dillon tenmile.jpg

Dec. 24 -Steam still rising from Lake Dillon

Lsunrise 12:30 2.jpg

sunrise Dec. 30 - Lake Dillon is partly frozen

Lake Dillon generally freezes over between Christmas and New Years, and is a few days behind schedule this year.  Apparently, this is the latest freeze in 10 years.
sunrs 1:5.jpg

Jan. 5 - Lake frozen and ice covered with snow

However, the arctic temperatures we endured the end of December made quick work of any remaining water, and by early January a coat of ice fully covered the the lake.

It’ll be a few more days before it’s safe for ice boating, ice fishing, and other recreation on the lake’s surface.

However, the lake in Georgetown freezes earlier (it’s smaller and not as deep), and is open not only to ice fishing, but to ice racing – that’s racing jeeps and other vehicles — on the lake ice.

The next races will take place in Georgetown on January 15th & 16th.

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