Riesch wins World Cup title over Vonn after FIS cancels final two races
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Riesch wins WC title, narrowly beating Vonn

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Germany’s Maria Riesch won the skiing overall World Cup title, beating Lindsey Vonn,  after the FIS canceled the final two  races that were to be held in Lenzerheide, Switzerland at the “World Cup Final”.

Vonn won the WC overall title the past three years and was within three points of Riesch. Vonn said she felt devastated at not being able to defend her WC title when the  two races were canceled.

Officials canceled both the men’s and women’s giant slalom and super-G races due to weather: rain and warm weather had eroded most of the base on the race course.

The International Ski Federation (FIS) had packed four men’s and women’s races plus a one day team event into only five days, making it likely that one day of poor weather would result in cancellation of more than one race.

US head coach Alex Hoedelmoser said that the FIS should not have called off the race in the morning, but made more effort to put on a race.

Vonn said that the FIS should allow races to be rescheduled in bad weather.

I agree with Vonn, that the FIS could allow one extra days at each venue to make up any race postponed due to weather.

Ted Ligety won gold in the Beaver Creek WC  GS in December 2010, but the downhill race was canceled on Friday before the GS.
The super-G in Lenzerheide  starts at 6,852 feet and ends at 4,957 feet, lower than Denver, Colorado and much, much lower than ski areas in the Rockies. The base elevation of Keystone, where I teach skiing, lies at 9,300 feet, with the top at 12,200 feet.

Beaver Creek, site of World Cup races in December,  goes from 7, 400 feet to 11,440 feet.

Vail and Beaver Creek will host the alpine skiing World Championships  in  2015; let’s hope all the races will be run!

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  1. The theory of relativity comes to the World Cup podium: Vonn was “devastated” at being runner-up, but a longer quote on www.usskiteam.com showed her in a more gracious light: “‘Maria had an outstanding season and again proved to be my biggest competitor. She’s worked really hard for this. I’m happy for her and every athlete who stood on the top step this season,’ said Vonn, who said she mostly focused on how much harder she will work over the summer. ‘Ted [Ligety] continues to take GS to a new level, Julia [Mancuso] was right back on the podium and the U.S. women won the downhill and super G standings. I cannot thank my husband, coaches and our entire team enough for their support. This was a great season.’” Lindsey and Maria are great rivals and great friends too.

    Comment by Claire Walter — March 19, 2011 @ 2:18 pm

  2. Claire, you’re right, and thanks for your comment. I did not mean to imply that Vonn was unhappy that Riesch won, but because she could not defend her title after the FIS canceled two races.
    “The FIS, though, reaffirmed its policy.

    “Cancelled races at World Cup finals will not be rescheduled,” it said in a statement.

    “It was an anti-climatic and somewhat embarrassing end to what should have been the most dramatic finale to the season in years and may put pressure on the International Ski Federation to change their cancellation rules.

    “Races are not rescheduled if they are called off by the weather and the FIS packed four women’s and men’s races plus a one-day team event into five days of hectic skiing at Lenzerheide. ”

    “This is because in a case such as that in Lenzerheide, in which weather conditions force the cancellation of more than one race, there are no reserve days to ensure all cancelled races will be rescheduled. ”


    Comment by sibylle — March 29, 2011 @ 12:00 pm

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