Prusik Peak logistics
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Prusik 1.jpg

Hiking toward Prusik Pass; Prusik Peak in back

My last post describes our climb of Prusik Peak; here I will describe the logistics of getting in to (and back out from) Prusik Peak.

One can access Prusik Peak from either of two trails: the Snow Lake trail, which gains 4,100 feet in 6.5 miles;  or the Stuart Lake trail to Colchuck Lake, which gains 2,100 feet in 4.75 miles.

Realistically, we picked the  trail for which we got a permit - hike in to, and camp, at Colchuck Lake, often described as one of the most beautiful alpine lakes in Washington.


Colchuck Lake and Aasgard Pass

From our campsite at Colchuck Lake, we circled around the lake (1.75 miles) and proceeded up Aasgard Pass,  gaining 2,200 feet in about 8 tenths of a mile …  all before breakfast!

Pru W. ridge.jpg

West ridge and view toward Aasgard Pass

Atop Aasgard Pass we shared one of our two bagels, re-filled our water bottles, and headed to Prusik Pass. After 2.5 miles, we reached Perfection Lake and then headed up Prusik Pass.

Prusik  7.jpg

Snowfield on the way to Perfection Lake

I  fell when descending the  snowfield  to Perfection Lake in my lightweight running shoes, and right after that, Andy slipped and proceeded down the next section his derriere.

Any earlier in the day, when it’s still frozen, might require instep crampons to safely negotiate this slope.

Either approach, Colchuck Lake or Snow Lake requires about 10 miles of hiking before climbing Prusik Peak. Some parties prefer a 3-day trip, with one day for the climb, and the other two for the hike in and out. However, we had a permit to camp one night, and four bagels between the two of us, so a two-day trip it was!

Prusik  6.jpg

Perfection Lake
West Ridge - The Climb:

The route follows the ridge. See Mountain Project for a description with photos.


Take trail 1599, Lake Stuart / Colchuck Lake trail, for 2.5 miles to a junction. Turn left toward Colchuck Lake up switchbacks for about 1.5 miles. Proceed around the west side of the lake toward Colchuck and Dragontail Peak. The trail then ascends to the left of Dragontail Peak to Aasgard Pass at 7800’ after 2 miles. Descend into the Enchantment Lakes for almost 3 miles to the base of Prusik Peak.


Get permits for overnight use, June 15 - October 15, from the Wenatchee Ranger District.

A recreation pass for day use is available at the trailhead.

Dogs and campfires are prohibited.

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