Switzerland—camping at Matt
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A typical Swiss “Brunnen”

A friend asked me where we’d go this summer. Tristan graduates from high school on May 24 and we’re going on a long road trip. This summer we’ll head to Tuolomne Meadows and the Sierra Nevada and then up to Squamish Chief, Canada.
We climbed at Squamish last year and Tristan declared it to be one of his two favorite places in North America, along with the Indian Creek / Moab area. When it gets too cold in Squamish, we’ll head down to the desert, and then maybe to Portrero Chico, Mexico.
We’ll winter in Summit County and work in ski school and then in March we head to Australia, Nepal in April, Turkey in May (Chad talked us into checking out his favorite places in Turkey, which he says has as good, if not better climbing than Greece but cheaper eats and sleeps).
Then in late May we head to Spain, then Germany to visit family and a side trip to Switzerland, only 2 hours or so from my cousin’s place in Waiblingen, Germany.
Two summers ago we camped at Matt and climbed nearby at the Brüggler and the Gallerie. We used the Brunnen, or spring, as our refrigerator. The water coming from deep underground stayed quite cold and we’d put our fresh pasta, mozzarella, and yogurt containers in the Brunnen for the day while climbing. Sleeping on top of that long grass provided some of the softest camping we had anywhere. Weekdays we had the campsite to ourselves; Swiss and German climbers headed up for the weekend.

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  1. Unusual to see an image of car camping at a drive-to spot with a couple of tents pitched in a European meadow. My impression has always been the camping in Europe involves either parking a small (by overblown US standards) RV (Wohnwagen) in a crowedd campground (Camping or Campingplatz), or in the high Alps, indoors in a rustic mountain hut with bunks and communal bathrooms.

    Claire @ http://travel-babel.blogspot.com

    Comment by Claire Walter — May 14, 2008 @ 11:29 am

  2. The place where we camped does have a small rustic hut with two bathrooms, running water, but no beds. It was a tiny hut, but they allowed you to sleep on the floor, which we did several nights when it stormed really hard and I was scared we’d get hit by lightning outside.
    We also car camped in Spain and Italy at some great places.

    Comment by sibylle — May 19, 2008 @ 5:45 am

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