Guest blogs coming up: Dune, and Climbing
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No, not about climbing on Dune! (Although the rock caves and outcrops sound like they might offer some decent climbing. There’s the scene early on when the young Paul climbs up a cliff and Chani is above him).

Bruno Hache, a Quebecois chemist will write about carbon dioxide exchange. He speaks French as a native language and is making a big effort to write a lengthy scientific monograph in English, so please don’t be critical if is grammar sounds strange!

My climbing partner Chad Davis, who with his wife Mary lived in Turkey,  has several exciting exploits to report about climbing in Turkey, which I’m really looking forward to reading.

If you have comments for Bruno or Chad, please click on the red number beside the blog title. I’m sure they’ll be happy to take questions or filed comments!

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  1. CHAD? TURKEY HUH? nice i’ve been trying to get ahold of you for years bro… Remember me from moab and im in ogden now just saying email me please jormahayes@hotmail

    Comment by jorma hayes — September 13, 2010 @ 12:53 pm

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