Papert strikes again
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Ines Papert
Ines Papert strikes again

Once again, this German climber beat the competition to win the Ice Climbing World Cup held in Hemsedal, Norway March 3 – 5, 2006.

UIAA 2006 Ice World Cup Final results

Difficulty women
1. Ines Papert (Ger)
2. Maureau Stiphanie (Fra)
3. Jenny Lavarda (Ita)
4. Ksenya Stobnikova (Russ)
5. Anna Torretta (Ita)

How short are our memories!

A year ago, at the 2005 Ouray Ice Festival, she ran up the 165-foot wall so fast that she beat the winner of the men’s event by almost three minutes, becoming the overall winner in the difficulty event.

2005 Difficulty

1. Ines Papert (GER)
2. Will Gadd (CAN)
3. Harry Berger (AUT)
4. Sean Isaac (CAN)
5. Rob Owens (CAN)

Here’s a quote:

Ines’s result is really unique.

The Chief of Black Diamond European branch said: “Ines is very cool. I do not know any woman in athletic sports in which a girl could become better, than the best man!”

It was only a little over 10 years ago that Lynn Hill became the first woman to free El Capitan - a record which held for many years.

Of course, in this same story they also state:
The tenth annual festival “Events in Ouary” (Salt Lake City, Utha), so perhaps we shouldn’t hold it against them that they can’t remember events from 1993.

Papert, despite being the best woman ice climber in the world, and in some years the best overall, considers the most important event of her life the birth, in 2000, of her son Emanuel.

The 31-year old mother plans to retire from cometition so that she can climb big frozen waterfalls. Reminds me of another world cup competitor who went the same route - Lynn Hill, who retired from competition to concentrate on big granite walls. Let’s hope we see similar spectacular results from Ines on the ice!

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  1. Must have been spectacular to watch her climb the wall. Terrific shot as you can “see” her thinking. I enjoy the varied topics you have been posting.

    Comment by linda covert — March 12, 2006 @ 12:12 pm

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