Indian Creek, Easter Island
Posted by sibylle in utah (Monday April 3, 2006 at 12:40 pm)


Tristan Hechtel leading pitch two on Easter Island
“Let’s climb Easter Island,” my son Tristan suggested. “You lead the crack and I’ll lead the face pitch.”
Things had changed since last year. Instead of me leading every pitch, like I had a year ago on South Six Shooter, Tristan offered to lead the 5.10 second pitch and leave me the easier 5.8 first pitch.
This climb would not qualify for my “Fun Climbs” book either, not only because of the second pitch, but also due to rather significant rockfall. On Easter in 2002, we watched from our campsite as the large chockstone that previously bridged between the two towers fell down. About the size of a grand piano, many climbers used to sit on the chockstone to belay for the second pitch. Ironically, it fell out early Easter morning.
After hiking for 20 minutes on a good trail, we reached the base to find an obvious large crack.
“Oh, good thing that’s your lead,” Tristan laughed. Though his hands were now as big as mine, he hadn’t climbed many cracks and remained hesitant on the bigger sizes.
“Hey, maybe it’s the first mother-son ascent of Easter island!” I suggested. I thrashed up the crack, placed two BD #3 camalots and wished I’d brought a #3.5 camalot. Just where the crack got too large for my gear, I could no longer get a good jam.
I jammed my foot in, stuffed my arm in up to my elbow, and thrashed my way up. No delicate, graceful, balancing moves here! At the end of the crack, I stepped right onto an insecure sloping foothold and blindly reached for what looked like a sloping hold just out of reach. When I finally let go of my left hand hold and moved right, I found a good flake! I grabbed it and pulled my way over the bulge.

Tristan looked up at the next pitch. “That looks hard,” he commented.

“You can do it,” I encouraged him. Despite his apprehension, he fluidly moved up to clip the first bolt. He’d recently grown another few inches, weighed very little, and had strong fingers, making him a great face-climbing partner.

I followed him up to the top of our second tower, happy to sit in the warm sun again after freezing in the chilly, shaded alcove below.

“That was really fun,” Tristan said. “Let’s climb another tower tomorrow. Towers are a lot more fun than one-pitch cracks.”
We walked along the base, scoping out the climbs on Thumbelina and Sunflower Tower.
“Do you want to try Sparkling Touch?” I asked.
“Sure,” he replied. “The 5.10 face climbing was easy.”

Rappelling down from Easter Island

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  1. Sibylle, I am going to give you and Tristan credit for the first mother and son ascent of Easter Island in the Desert Towers Guide Stewart Green is co-authoring with me. Were there others before you, let them speak up. Eric

    Comment by Eric Bjornstad — April 3, 2006 @ 2:02 pm

  2. Thanks Eric!

    This may be one way to find out! There may be some mother-daughter ascents of Bridger Jack Towers - Tracy Bascom from Boulder has climbed Castleton with her daughter.

    Comment by sibylle — April 3, 2006 @ 2:15 pm

  3. Great job, Sibylle and Tristan, and really cool photos.

    Comment by Lauren Sigman — April 3, 2006 @ 7:21 pm

  4. Sibylle, again I enjoyed the article and pictures. Have a great

    Comment by Wolf Schumacher — April 6, 2006 @ 1:16 pm

  5. Sounds like Tristan is made of the extraordinary climbing caliber as his mom. The pics are great.

    Comment by linda covert — April 10, 2006 @ 7:56 am

  6. […] We’ve been climbing towers the last few days. My son Tristan caught the desert bug last spring after our ascents of Sparkling Touch and Easter Island in the Bridger Jacks (Indian Creek). When I told him that desert climbers had an unofficial prize for completing climbs of 100 desert towers, he decided that we should try that. For Thanksgiving break this year, he said he’d rather climb as many fun towers as possible and didn’t really care about food. That’s the first time I’ve heard my 6-foot tall, 125-pound slim 17-year old tell me that anything was more important than food. […]

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  7. […] A friend asked me where we’d go this summer. Tristan graduates from high school on May 24 and we’re going on a long road trip. This summer we’ll head to Tuolomne Meadows and the Sierra Nevada and then up to Squamish Chief, Canada. We climbed at Squamish last year and Tristan declared it to be one of his two favorite places in North America, along with the Indian Creek / Moab area. When it gets too cold in Squamish, we’ll head down to the desert, and then maybe to Portrero Chico, Mexico. We’ll winter in Summit County and work in ski school and then in March we head to Australia, Nepal in April, Turkey in May (Chad talked us into checking out his favorite places in Turkey, which he says has as good, if not better climbing than Greece but cheaper eats and sleeps). Then in late May we head to Spain, then Germany to visit family and a side trip to Switzerland, only 2 hours or so from my cousin’s place in Waiblingen, Germany. Two summers ago we camped at Matt and climbed nearby at the Brüggler and the Gallerie. We used the Brunnen, or spring, as our refrigerator. The water coming from deep underground stayed quite cold and we’d put our fresh pasta, mozzarella, and yogurt containers in the Brunnen for the day while climbing. Sleeping on top of that long grass provided some of the softest camping we had anywhere. Weekdays we had the campsite to ourselves; Swiss and German climbers headed up for the weekend. […]

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  8. […] The little short one in the center, Easter Island, was Tristan’s and my first tower at Bridger Jack, his second tower  ever, and the first tower on which he led a pitch. A few years earlier, we’d been eating breakfast at our campsite when the large (size of a few buses) chockstone between Easter Island and the tower to the left, fell down on Easter Sunday! […]

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