Ski exercises — Ab workouts
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Prone bicycles

Tristan and I have increased training for skiing.  This summer, we rock climbed, hiked and ran, with our longest day at 18 miles and 5,400 feet of elevation gain.

The combination of rock climbing, strenuous hikes with packs to the base of the cliffs, and trail runs to places we wanted to see gave us a basic level of aerobic fitness.
However, I  noticed on my first ski day, skiing uses muscles that I don’t use when rock climbing or running. My muscles alongside the spine in my back get sore. These are muscles that allow you to angulate or twist and turn the upper body.

We did a few crunches and bicycles throughout the summer, but have stepped up the ski-specific exercises.

Here are some examples:



Lie on your back with the middle of your back on the ground. Raise your head slightly, hands behind your neck.
Start with one leg straight, only barely above the ground, and the other flexed.
Switch leg position, as though bicycling: extend the bent leg and retract the straight leg.
Keep the straight leg close to the ground, no more than 6” above the ground. Straighten the leg all the way before bringing it back.

Do these with a training partner is possible. Have them watch to see that the leg straightens completely and is not raised too high.
I can do about 30 of these in good style. After that, my leg position deteriorates. Tristan does 50 of them (he’s 18).

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