Ski training - jumping
Posted by sibylle in skiing, Colorado (Wednesday January 7, 2009 at 2:41 pm)

jump1JPG1.JPG     jump2.JPG

Lateral side jumps
* Hop onto a box with left foot

* Hop onto right foot on box, left floor on floor left of box

* Repeat, hopping back and forth over the box

* Focus on quick feet lateral  rather than vertical

The lateral hops provide an aerobic workout in addition to improving explosive leg strength. Take a good look at Tristan—he’s breathing hard in that photo.

Tristan hops back and forth thirty times. I did 15 hops, stopped briefly, and hopped another 15 times.

Here’s my workout yesterday:

1. Stretch

2. Bicycles – 40 times

3. Squats

4. Lateral box hops – 30

5. Bicycles – 30

6. Lateral side jumps

7. Half plank

Tristan does the following set three times:

1. Pushups with handles

2. Abs —choose one from:
plank, bicycles, leg lifts, marching (Pilates)
3. Legs — choose one from:
squats, wall sit, lunges, jumps, Windmill hops,

Repeat this sequence for one set.

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